One of the fastest growing trends in dentistry today is Laser Dentistry. Because lasers use light energy, they tend to be more comfortable, more precise and allow for faster healing with less anesthetic and less damage to the tissue. Whether it’s removing excess gum tissue, whitening teeth or uncovering an implant, a laser can most likely be used.

Procedures We Routinely Perform Using Our BioLase Epic 10 Diode Laser

  • Gingivectomies (removal of excessive or overgrown gum tissue)
  • Frenectomies
  • Troughing around crown preps for more accurate impressions
  • Treatment of aphthous ulcers (canker sores)
  • Removal of fibromas around the tongue or lips
  • Reducing/treating periodontal pockets
  • Dental Implant uncovering

Types of Lasers Used In Dentistry

There are two different types of lasers used in dentistry: hard tissue and soft tissue. Hard tissue lasers used focused light energy to remove softened or weakened tooth structure that results when cavities form. Hard tissue lasers are primarily used to remove cavities. Soft tissue lasers use a similar type of light energy, but are only used on the gums. Soft tissue lasers are primarily used to reshape gums, remove excess gum tissue, remove bacteria from infected gum pockets, treat aphthous ulcers, whiten teeth and uncover implants.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

There are several benefits to laser therapy:

  • Many laser treatments only require topical anesthetic, so many times the shot can be avoided
  • Treatments are less invasive and thus more comfortable
  • Tissue is cauterized as it is removed, so bleeding is almost non-existent
  • Our diode laser uses ComfortPulse technology, which precisely controls the micropulses of energy to the tissue, which allows the tissue “down” time to relax and respond positively to laser treatment