Upgrade Your Experience™
Upgrade Your Experience™

Upgrade Your Experience™

Dugas Dental has been a Columbus Top Dentist Pick every year since opening in 2013



Welcome to Dugas Dental – #1 Rated Lewis Center Dentist

We ensure great services for all of our patients. Make an appointment with us today for your dental needs!

Going to the dentist can be quite unnerving for many people, especially children. Some have had to endure certain experiences that cause them to resent seeking dental care when necessary. This is why we at Dugas Dental & Carr Orthodontics, prioritize your comfort and are adamant about making sure that you are overly satisfied with our services.

At our family dentistry in Lewis Center, OH, we find it extremely important that the quality of your experience is just as important as the quality of the dentistry we provide.. In fact, your experience is one of the main factors that define our business. As Columbus’s CEO top-rated dentist in Lewis Center, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and it is safe to say that many of our patients have been well satisfied. Why wait when you can join them!

Upgrade Your Experience™

Our Team

Dr. Justin Dugas, DDS

Dr. Kelly Carr, DDS, MS


Why We Are Different

At Dugas Dental, we are constantly working to improve our systemic flow and the quality of our tools. We are also intentional about our office layout and the feel of the environment as people come in.

Kid Friendly Dental Office

We Educate on Oral Health

Modern Technology

Pain-Free Dental Treatment

Our Flexibility

 We keep the office open one Saturday per month and stay late every Tuesday.  We understand how hectic people’s lives and schedules can be, which is why we want to accommodate them as much as possible.

Our Experience

Dr. Dugas has been happily treating patients for over 16 years. This does not mean that he has stopped learning. Dr. Dugas immerses himself in extensive research regarding new products, techniques and procedures and has been since the beginning of his career.  Our team makes sure to pass these gems on to the rest of us so that we are all on the same page and maintain a sustainable workflow. 


What We Do

We are constantly investing in new dental technology to enhance all patients’ experiences. As the world around us continues to evolve, we move right along with it. Our upgraded equipment sets the foundation for an easier and smoother process. Our equipment and services include:

Online Bill Pay

Patients can log in to a secure billing portal and pay invoices conveniently online, 24 hours a day.

Digital X-rays

By performing X-rays digitally, we produce less radiation with better diagnostic capability. Other advantages include a boost in efficiency since the need for chemical processing is eradicated. This also enables us to transfer and enhance images digitally.

Laser dentistry

One of the greatest developments of modern dentistry, lasers provide quick, effective, and painless alternatives to traditional techniques.

Digital intraoral camera

We aim to be as transparent as possible with our patients. One of the ways we ensure this is with our digital intraoral camera. This allows all patients to see what we see as we check their gums and teeth, and creates a more trusting dental experience.

Trios Digital Scanner

Only 6% of U.S. dentists use a digital scanner, but this is quickly changing! Digital scanning replaces old impressions techniques. No more messy impression material that tastes bad and is unpleasant. Digital scanning is faster, easier, more accurate and much more comfortable.

We are constantly investing in new dental technology to enhance all patients’ experiences. As the world around us continues to evolve, we move right along with it. Our upgraded equipment sets the foundation for an easier and smoother process. Our equipment and services include:

Wisdom teeth

We are lucky to have a general dentist on staff who specializes in extractions and implant placement. During this procedure, patients are given a mild sedative for comfort or can shoot to have I.V. sedation. Wisdom teeth extraction typically takes 30-60 minutes. Depending on the patient’s situation, recovery could take a few days to a few weeks. There are three types of impacted wisdom teeth:

  • Soft-tissue impacted: Teeth that exploded through the bone, but not the gums.
  • Partial-bony impacted: Teeth that have exploded partially, but not completely through the bone.
  • Full-bony impacted: Wisdom teeth that have been completely covered in bone.


When large cavities, cracks, and/or gum disease encompasses a tooth, it will need to be pulled due to painful infections.

Root canal

 A simple procedure to eradicate unhealthy or diseased teeth, usually completed within a few visits.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are quickly becoming the most successful and routine method of replacing a missing tooth. The procedure is to insert a small titanium post into the jaw bone, upon which a crown can be cemented once the implant heals.

White fillings

Fillings are made of composite resin material; other fillings include ceramic or porcelain. The two types of fillings are:

  • Direct fillings: Fillings inserted into a cavity during a single visit.
  • Indirect fillings: These fillings are made in a dental laboratory. The procedure usually requires two or more visits.
Upgrade Your Experience™

What Our patients are Saying


We just recently changed dentists and I have been very impressed so far by the care we have received. They took so much time and were so thorough at my first appointment. I have never had a dentist who took so much time explaining things to me. Today I got 2 crowns done. They were very attentive, always asking if I needed a break, if I was comfortable, if I had questions. They truly cared! I am so happy we made the switch and I feel like I am in good hands. Thank you to Rachel and Dr. Wang for taking such good care of me.


The office looks great with the remodel and I’m sure will be even better once it’s completed! I didn’t have to wait when I arrived, the office staffs always personable and friendly. Dr. Dugas always takes time to ask how I’m doing, explains every step he takes to fix my teeth and keeps it real about what would be best. He always tries to keep the cost down, even today he saved me money on a repair he did. I would recommend this practice to anyone and everyone!


Had a great experience today at Dugas Dental! It was time for my six month checkup and I considered cancelling due to the Pandemic. I decided to go and felt very safe. The receptionist called me in advance for a health screening. She was calm and reassured me that the staff was taking every precaution to keep me as safe as possible. She explained all the protocols the staff was following due to the virus, as well as what changes I would experience. When I arrived the day of my appointment everything went as I expected. Andrea, Claire and Dr. Dugas were professional and friendly. I felt very safe and now have my bright smile back! Many thanks!"

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