Trios Digital Scanner by 3Shape

Dr. Dugas has added the industry’s most accurate* intraoral scanner, Trios by 3 Shape and is now making treatment faster and more comfortable for his patients with intraoral scanning and digital dentistry.

Intraoral scanners, like TRIOS®, are used in digital dentistry to take super high speed images of a patients’ mouths. The images, called digital impressions, are then brought into CAD/CAM software to design and manufacture dental restorations like dentures, crowns, veneers, dental implants as well as plan orthodontic treatments and create orthodontic appliances.

Digital dentistry workflows speed up patient appointments and save production time as well as enhancing nearly all diagnostic, restorative and surgical procedures. Dental procedures that once took weeks are now done in a single appointment.

One major change Dr. Dugas’ patients will notice right away is not having to take complete-arch impressions the old way using silicone putty – a procedure known to strike fear in many patients.

In a study published by the American Dental Association, old-fashion impressions taken with putty, caused gagging in 8% of the participants.** Dr. Dugas is now using TRIOS® which means no more gooey impressions and no more gagging for his patients.

In addition, the accuracy of digital impressions makes the resulting restorations more precise. Accuracy that cuts down on re-dos and extra appointments means less time in the chair.