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VaTech’s advanced CBCT (cone beam) technology provides a highly-detailed 3D image of the head and jaw. As opposed to traditional 2D xrays, this cutting-edge technology provides incredible detail and allows the doctor to visualize the jaw in multiple views. The 3D image also aids in virtual implant placement and guided implant surgery, endodontics (root canals) diagnosis and analysis, and oral pathology visualization. VATECH’s innovative technology for ultra-low X-ray dose also protects both patient and user from unnecessary radiation.


  • Minimized motion artifact and faster workflow
  • Superb image quality from a rapid 5.9 SEC scan


  • Wide range of FOV sizes from 5X5 to 15X15
  • Optimal size for specific diagnosis reducing
  • X-ray exposure to patients


  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Intuitive user interface and powerful consulting tools

Exceptional Care

The Dugas Dental team is the best! I appreciate all the smiles when we come to the office. The care that we receive is exceptional! I always recommend Dugas Dental to anyone looking for a dentist. I know this great team will take great care of them!


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Lewis Center, OH Dentist

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Lewis Center OH Dentist | Look 10 Years Younger

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