Iris USB Intra-Oral Camera

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At Dugas Dental, we believe our patients deserve the very best.  And when it comes to showing our patients what’s going on in their mouths, “seeing is believing.”  That is why Dugas Dental is proud to have 2 Iris Intra-oral cameras in our office.  The Iris camera is small, so it easily reaches back teeth.  Its high-definition lens offers multiple zoom settings and unparalleled image quality.  This camera makes it easy for patients to see cavities, cracks, broken fillings or soft-tissue lesions.  It is no wonder that the Iris Intra-oral camera has won The Dental Advisor Editor’s Choice Award for top intra-oral camera for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

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The Dugas Dental team is the best! I appreciate all the smiles when we come to the office. The care that we receive is exceptional! I always recommend Dugas Dental to anyone looking for a dentist. I know this great team will take great care of them!


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Lewis Center, OH Dentist

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