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Dugas Dental is dedicated to providing the most current and up-to-date treatment possible. We use white fillings (no metal, no mercury), digital x-rays (less radiation, enhanced detail), all-ceramic crowns (no metal), high-definition intra-oral camera (to show our patients clear photos of their teeth) and digital soft tissue lasers for recontouring gums/removing tissue (less trauma, better healing).

Not only do digital x-rays take less time that traditional x-rays, they are more diagnostic and provide clearer images. They also expose patients to less radiation.

Here at Dugas Dental, we want your visit to be as quick, comfortable and pain-free as possible. Next time you are in, ask us what new technology we have that will make your visit better!

Exceptional Care

The Dugas Dental team is the best! I appreciate all the smiles when we come to the office. The care that we receive is exceptional! I always recommend Dugas Dental to anyone looking for a dentist. I know this great team will take great care of them!


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Lewis Center, OH Dentist

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