Orthodontist: Maintaining Your Mouth’s Smile

The orthodontist is a specialist whose main focus is on the teeth and mouth. They help to maintain your smile by offering orthodontic treatments that can straighten crooked or crowded teeth. There are many orthodontic treatments available, but they all involve some type of orthodontics appliances like braces, headgear, invisible aligners, or retainers. We will discuss these different types of appliances over the course of this article so you know what your orthodontist has to offer. Learn information about Lewis Center, OH.

Orthodontic braces are the most well-known orthodontics appliance and they come in many different types. Brackets, which are what holds your archwire in place, can be made from ceramic or metal materials like nickel-titanium (NiTi). The orthodontist will determine if you need a bracket that contains elastic properties to help with tooth movement by choosing one of these brackets: Damon Clear-aligner, self-ligating brackets such as In-Ovation M. Your orthodontist may suggest this type of treatment because it requires less frequent office visits than other treatments. Some orthodontists will recommend a traditional metal orthodontic appliance, which is called Invisalign. This type of ortho treatment requires similar care as braces and has the added benefit of being practically invisible! Some patients may find this to be an appealing solution because they can still eat what they want or brush with whitening products without having to change their routine. Discover facts about The Complete Guide to Orthodontics.