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How to Know if You Have a Cavity
According to the National Institutes of Health, the most prevalent health condition after the common cold is tooth decay. It’s more than likely that if you haven’t already had a cavity, you will develop at least one in your lifetime. So, how do you know if you have a cavity? Well, depending on the severity of your tooth decay, you may experience a variety of symptoms. Here are some of the accompanying symptoms that go along with tooth decay

Understanding the Five Stages of Tooth Decay
Did you know there are five distinct stages of tooth decay? And, that in the first stage of decay, you can actually take steps to reverse the progression of the disease? Indeed, it’s true. In the first stage of decay, whether you’re a child or an adult, the application of fluoride via fluoride treatments, your toothpaste and even the local water supply can stop a cavity from penetrating through the enamel and reaching its second stage. Even the saliva in your mouth and the foods you eat help to re-mineralize a tooth in jeopardy. But that’s just the first stage! What about the rest? Understanding how a cavity progresses can assist you in preventing each successive stage from occurring in your children. There’s always a lot going on in that little mouth!

Kicking the Tobacco Habit is Good for your Mouth!
While the current percentage of Americans who smoke cigarettes is the lowest it’s been in decades, those who continue the habit remain at risk for heart and lung disease. Additionally, while we know smoking is also bad for our oral health, most don’t understand just how bad it is...

5 Reasons Your Teeth Are So Agonizingly Sensitive
Eating ice cream should be a pretty wonderful experience. Sipping a steaming cup of coffee should be equal parts restorative and energizing. But if you have sensitive teeth, pain comes along and ruins the party. “[Tooth sensitivity] is a sign that something in your mouth needs to be addressed,” Susan Maples, D.D.S., author of Blabber Mouth! 77 Secrets Only Your Mouth Can Tell You to Live a Healthier, Happier, Sexier Life, tells SELF. Read on to learn more about common causes of sensitive teeth, plus how to solve them.

What You Need To Know About Crossbites
Typically, when a parent brings a young child to the dentist, the last discussion they’re expecting to have is one centered on braces and orthodontic appliances. Yet, even at ages three and four, a talk about braces, sagittal expanders, and retainers can indeed be front and center when a child is diagnosed with a crossbite. The question then is what to do about it, how soon should intervention take place, and what the complications are that can arise if nothing is done at all. Let’s get some answers.

The Why, When, How and Where of Tongue Scraping
Imagine it’s still winter … you’re standing at the door, ready to brave the cold. You’re layered-up with three shirts and a sweatshirt, your heavy winter coat, and two layers of socks underneath your waterproof winter boots. Then you’ve got those awesome jeans with the flannel on the inside, your comfy hat, scarf, and gloves. You’re set! But wait. As you step toward the door, you suddenly realize you have an itch … and it’s deep down … buried beneath all those layers. And, try as you may, every attempt to reach that bugger-of-an-itch fails. Defeated, you realize the only relief you’re ever gonna’ get is to remove each one of those layers. Where are we going with this?!

Traveling season is in the air!
For those adventurers planning out their next getaway, check out these tips to keep that breath fresh and that smile brighter than ever!

How to Lessen Tooth Sensitivity
Does a hot or cold beverage send chills down your spine due to dental sensitivity? Do you wince when you brush or floss? Don’t be alarmed, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have cavities! You could have what’s known as tooth sensitivity. Yes, there are ways to lessen tooth sensitivity. Here are some tips to find relief:

Start Young: Dental Tips to Raise Kids with Good Oral Habits
Raise your kids with good oral hygiene and it will prevent them having issues later in life!

Chance to Win Free Invisalign Treatment!
Picture Perfect Smile for Your Picture Perfect Day
Dugas Dental is excited to announce our BIGGEST contest giveaway: a free Invisalign treatment for a bride or groom! Be picture perfect for that special day!

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