Bien Air Optima Electric Handpiece

Dugas Dental is proud to use the Bien Air Optima MX2 handpiece, Bien Air’s latest prodigy.  It offers an adjustable LED light, weighs 23% less that standard handpieces, and is 30% shorter than standard handpieces, giving it unparalleled balance and comfort.  Thanks to Smart Logic, the Bien Air Optima MX2 is exceptionally stable and powerful, even at low speeds.  This means that just two instruments are required to carry out all operations.

Benefits of Electric Handpieces (vs air-driven drills)

  • Quieter and with a lower pitch (less “whining” sound)
  • Less vibration
  • More control and better torque (which means faster appointments)
  • Better illumination
  • More adjustability and better water control

Make sure to ask us about the Bien Air Optima Electric Handpiece next time you’re in!