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Fact or Fiction?: The Tongue Is the Strongest Muscle in the Body
It can bend, it can twist, it can suck, it can cup. The tongue is an essential, often playful part of human anatomy. Many of us grew up believing the assertion that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body. But is it really? The short answer is no. But the explanation is not as straightforward as you’d think. We asked a few tongue experts (yes they do exist) why the myth has been so easy to swallow.

The Four Stages of Tooth Decay
The four stages of tooth decay

If you hear a click in your jaw, this is what you need to know
If you hear a click in your jaw, this is what you need to know...

Dental XRays - Are They Safe and Necessary
"Do you have any questions for me today?" Each time you visit your dentist, you're likely to hear this familiar refrain. By asking, your dentist is able to address any concerns you may have about your teeth, a procedure, or just share information that helps you remain informed. Perhaps one of the more common question dentists and hygienists are asked surrounds the safety and necessity of X-rays. This is a great question - with answers that differ from patient to patient. So let's examine it a bit further. We believe you'll be surprised to learn just how safe today's X-rays are, and which audience asks this question even more so than patients.

7 New Tips to Prevent Gum Disease
We all know that if we want to avoid gum disease, we need a solid oral care regime - brush twice a day, floss at night and use mouthwash. Right? Of course … this is, after all, the familiar refrain. So let's step away from that simple 3-step plan for this month to share with you a few other things you might not have known when it comes to preventing gum disease.

Older women with gum disease face higher risk of early death, study says
Older women with gum disease face higher risk of early death, study says
Your oral health could be a strong indicator of your overall health. Gum disease and tooth loss are connected to a higher risk of early death in women past the age of menopause, a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association finds.

Tooth Loss Linked to Life Expectancy
The research, published in Periodontology 2000, found that the number of teeth we lose could be a key indicator to our quality of life and that those who have a full set of teeth when they are 74 are more likely to reach 100 years old.

The Sad Truth About Seltzer
The delightful little bubbles in La Croix and Perrier are kind of bad for your teeth.

California 26-year-old dies after tooth infection spreads to his lungs
Sad story out of Sacramento...A 26-year-old Sacramento man died Monday after a toothache turned into an infection that spread to his lungs.

Bruxism (BRUK-siz-um) is a condition in which you grind, gnash or clench your teeth...

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